The White Lace Umbrella

The White Lace Umbrella


Before I started this blog I never realised how difficult it would be to record a short story. I think I tried at least twenty times to get this particular track down so if you notice any mistakes I don’t want to know! I hope the next one won’t take so long.

I wrote this little story quite some time ago and it’s been edited, altered, chopped and there are several ‘final’ versions on my desktop.   I’ve read it so many times now I think I know it off by heart.

Punting on the river has been an activity enjoyed by many during their Oxbridge university days…


photo thanks to

photo thanks to

Anyone know the name of the river that flows through Oxford? I know now but I had to ‘google’ it.


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I wrote this story when given the prompt of ‘photograph’ I had fun with the ending, hope you enjoy listening to it.



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Weekend Break

Rain in Australian Rainforest


I was inspired to write this story last weekend when I woke up to a grey rainy morning. From this little seed a story grew but when I began I didn’t really know where it was going.

I’ve been in England for the week and the weather (since last weekend) has been sunny and wonderful.  I often don’t know where my stories are heading when they start out but for me that’s part of the enjoyment of writing them.

Trail in Temperate Rainforest




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Sweet Dreams

One of my first short stories was written sometime ago and it won the weekly write-invite competition in January 2013. I was thrilled and it spurred me on to keep writing. I hope you enjoy listening to it now.


Various Truffles

Array of Cream Filled Cupcakes




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