While You Are Away

Such a long time since I posted anything on here. No excuse, except that I’ve been completing an MA in Creative Writing at Exeter University. I have neglected my little story pods blog, no recordings for well over a year. Disgraceful.

I wrote this when The Man was away for a week a while ago. He went to visit family as soon as lockdown was lifted. I began to think about what I missed when he was away and also the things I could do without him at home. If you live with someone, do you find there are some things you are suddenly free to do that you would normally not think about, because it might upset your partner? The Man and I get on really well, never a cross word — honestly — but even so there are a few things in which I can, and do indulge, when I get the opportunity. That sounds more exciting than it is!

No musical intro this time…just my melodious voice…. Click on the link, listen to me read…While You are Away



The Man Does Not Like Coleslaw — But I love It! 


While You Are Away

I eat coleslaw
rise early
      make               a cup of tea
go back to bed
read the news        do my words


get up
take the      dog      out
whatever    the weather
and  do       household jobs


I colonise your side
                              of the kitchen table
      with my clutter
books         computer         pens
      and      pencils


I can choose what I want
to watch                 Netflix             BBC
but no fun             no conversation
      early to bed                  read a bit
stroke                     the empty side
count         how                 many              sleeps
until           I          must
the coleslaw



Ninette Hartley © September 2020

About Ninette Hartley

Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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