Hot Lips. . .


Many people have asked me about my flash fiction story that came third in the Story Slam at Bridport Arts Centre at the end of last month. So, I’ve recorded here. You just need to press on the play button but make sure you’re viewing in the browser and not from your email β€” if that’s how you recieve it.

It was brilliant fun performing it! If you have any problems listening to it please comment to let me know. Thanks. Enjoy

Hotlips 1

Hot Lips Β© Ninette Hartley March 2019

About Ninette Hartley

Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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4 Responses to Hot Lips. . .

  1. Ninette90 says:

    Leaving my own comment here as I’m not always sure listeners/readers can see the tiny little link to leave a comment.

  2. helenjohnsonlivecom says:

    Love it and the recording is all good. Enjoy another sunny day.

    H xx

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    • Ninette90 says:

      Thanks Helen. I enjoyed doing it. When I first started this blog it took me ages to do each recording, now I’m much quicker so I feel inspired to record more regularly. πŸ™‚

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