british birds


I’ve been busy writing and travelling over the last few months and more active on my other blog  so haven’t managed to do a ‘storypod’ for ages but a couple of weeks ago one of the prompts for the story writing competition write-invite was ‘Russell’s Up a Tree’ or something very similar.  I wasn’t able to write the story in half an hour on the night, but finished it during the following week. I decided to record it for my blog as I thought it was a bit of fun.. I do hope you enjoy listening to it…make sure you are in the browser then press the play button…








About Ninette Hartley

Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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3 Responses to Twitcher…

  1. gb says:

    couldn’t see that one coming at all! excellent effort and welcome back – your public have been inconsolable of late – please don’t leave us dangling for so long next time.

  2. Lesley dorin says:

    amusing short story before hitting the sack! Will I dream about birds, twitchers or sexual perverts methinks?

    • Ninette says:

      Hope you slept okay….:) Thanks for commenting, it is so good to get feedback whatever it might be. Happy Birthday for tomorrow by the way.

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