Saved By Text

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I’m not sure how this story began it’s life but It’s been hanging around on my computer for a while.  It seemed appropriate to post it today.  Not everyone loves Valentine’s day and although it ends up okay for this chap, for some people it can be a bit of a lonely time.  It’s all too commercial for me anyway.  We cancelled Valentine’s day in our house a few years ago.  But, not to be too much of a misery about it, I’m sure there are many lovers enjoying today with chocolates, flowers, champagne and dinner.

Give a thought,  to those who are lonely or those who might find today difficult for whatever reason.

Love is in the air

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Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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4 Responses to Saved By Text

  1. gb says:

    I empathise with our hero – is that a character suggested by life? anyway a bit of a soppy ending I thought … I am also trying (but failing) to work out the time lapse between your podcasts so that I have something to look forward to!

  2. Ninette says:

    Well, perhaps you’d like to suggest an alternative ending that isn’t ‘sloppy’…knowing you, it will be something akin to a Tarantino movie…

  3. Val says:

    That is a lovely little story with a good real ending. There is a lot of love out there but you sometimes have to find it, make a call or write. Not enough people show their love/care for other people and the date shouldn’t matter ! By the way, the flowers here are cheaper pre the 14th, but it isn’t an upmarket area and the shoppers are savvy ! Good to hear your voice Ninette ! Xxxx !

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