Angela Breaks Free


This little story began life once again on write-invite but it wasn’t shortlisted. I then revamped it and it was chosen as one of the very short stories featured during the 24 hours of National Flash Fiction day in 2014. Having had five children I can sympathise with Angela. I loved every minute of being a mother but still craved more education and a career.  I knew that it was possible to have both…although at times it was exhausting!

Click on the play button above to hear the story.


About Ninette Hartley

Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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2 Responses to Angela Breaks Free

  1. Ninette says:

    Of course I am still a mother (loved every moment…..) once a mum always a mum…

  2. gb says:

    i think she should have killed and eaten her entire family! that would have freed up some time – and given her the basis for another short story!!!

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