Sweet Dreams

One of my first short stories was written sometime ago and it won the weekly write-invite competition in January 2013. I was thrilled and it spurred me on to keep writing. I hope you enjoy listening to it now.


Various Truffles

Array of Cream Filled Cupcakes




About Ninette Hartley

Author: First publication Dear Tosh a memoir
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6 Responses to Sweet Dreams

  1. gb says:

    I loved this story and I felt the parental pain at the end – more please!

  2. Ninette says:

    Ta GB….you are a great support… now you need to set yourself up as a follower to this blog.

  3. Sarah Mayhew says:

    Nice one Ninette. I am very pleased that The Man bullied you into recording your stories! More please!

  4. Jim Hawker says:

    Loved it. Great story and beautifully read. Keep it up!

  5. Carol says:

    Hi Ninette, enjoyed listening to the story. The impact is definitely in the ending.

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