Hot Lips. . .


Many people have asked me about my flash fiction story that came third in the Story Slam at Bridport Arts Centre at the end of last month. So, I’ve recorded here. You just need to press on the play button but make sure you’re viewing in the browser and not from your email — if that’s how you recieve it.

It was brilliant fun performing it! If you have any problems listening to it please comment to let me know. Thanks. Enjoy

Hotlips 1

Hot Lips © Ninette Hartley March 2019

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Rudolph’s Rebellion

reindeer-clip-art-41 copy

A little poem that I’ve posted on my blog Ninette’s 90 Notes but thought I would also upload it here.

Rudolf Text

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Back Seat Driver


Image from

Whenever we go anywhere in the car I usually do the driving and since The Man has been cycling more his back seat driving has become worse. I take it all in good heart and for the most part ignore him. A poem seemed an excellent way to get my own back! Press the play button to hear the poem.

If you enjoyed listening to this poem please take a tour of this site and listen to more. Also share with your friends and make a comment in the comment box.


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English Country Fair…

It’s been years since I recorded anything for this website and I’ve been nagged to add something…so here, for your amusement and delectation…(no I’m not thinking of joining the music hall) is a the poem I wrote for my blog You can pop over and see the post here You can also see more photos and even have a go at the caption competition.

Click on the start button to hear the poem…


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british birds


I’ve been busy writing and travelling over the last few months and more active on my other blog  so haven’t managed to do a ‘storypod’ for ages but a couple of weeks ago one of the prompts for the story writing competition write-invite was ‘Russell’s Up a Tree’ or something very similar.  I wasn’t able to write the story in half an hour on the night, but finished it during the following week. I decided to record it for my blog as I thought it was a bit of fun.. I do hope you enjoy listening to it…make sure you are in the browser then press the play button…








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A Good Year for Pétrus


A little story that began life with a prompt of ‘Wine Cellar’.  Look out gents…don’t go stocking up on the vino if you’re thinking of going somewhere…

Make sure you are in the browser to listen…then press play

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Saved By Text

holiday copy

I’m not sure how this story began it’s life but It’s been hanging around on my computer for a while.  It seemed appropriate to post it today.  Not everyone loves Valentine’s day and although it ends up okay for this chap, for some people it can be a bit of a lonely time.  It’s all too commercial for me anyway.  We cancelled Valentine’s day in our house a few years ago.  But, not to be too much of a misery about it, I’m sure there are many lovers enjoying today with chocolates, flowers, champagne and dinner.

Give a thought,  to those who are lonely or those who might find today difficult for whatever reason.

Love is in the air

Go to browser to listen to the story

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Just Another Friday Evening…


I can’t believe it was November 2014 when I last posted on here..very bad. No excuses but I was away for Christmas and I have been working on other writing projects, so not been entirely lazy. I did post on www.olivespastavino (once) but think I need to get another post on that blog soon.

Happy New Year to all.  I hope you enjoy this very short story which began life because of a post on Helen Yendall’s blogaboutwriting  I took up the challenge and wrote this piece.  I was thinking of developing it further but then figured that with a little tweaking….it could do just as it is for my short story pod.

Press the play button below to hear the story…

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Angela Breaks Free


This little story began life once again on write-invite but it wasn’t shortlisted. I then revamped it and it was chosen as one of the very short stories featured during the 24 hours of National Flash Fiction day in 2014. Having had five children I can sympathise with Angela. I loved every minute of being a mother but still craved more education and a career.  I knew that it was possible to have both…although at times it was exhausting!

Click on the play button above to hear the story.


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Dial M for Mugger

Mobile Phone

I wrote this very short story a couple of weeks ago on write-invite…It didn’t win but it did come in the top ten (there were probably only eleven entries!) Write-Invite is an online writing competition and at 5.30 UK time on most Saturdays throughout the year you can log on and see what the three choices of themes are for the week. Choose one and start writing. Only 30 minutes is allowed before the entry has to be submitted so it’s hard going. Total concentration is needed.  I think it’s great practice for writers and if the story doesn’t do well if can often be edited afterwards, expanded and then used for another competition or sent to a magazine for publication.  This story has only had a small edit so is almost exactly the same as the one submitted to write-invite on the 27th September 2014.  I chose the theme ‘mobile’ and just took it from there. Hope you enjoy listening to it.

Click on the small play button above to hear the story:




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